Monday, January 30, 2012

Tree Planting - February 14th!

Hello to everyone!

The nights may be cold, but the days are beautiful. We are getting a lot done in the garden, orchard, and outdoor kitchen as the weather has been wonderful. Hope you find some time to soak up the sun and plant some fruit and nut trees this February.

For the past two years, we've been building a tradition at Salamander Springs. February 14 is our tree-planting day. Trees offer myriad benefits: reforestation, wildlife habitat, better air quality, aesthetic beauty, climate stabilization and food. Therefore, we'd like to ask you to join our tradition and plant a tree or two.

Our trees will be planted in the orchard. We'll be planting fruits like apple, pear, plum, nectarine, mulberry, pomegranate and Oriental persimmon. You can sponsor any of these trees for $25. We will use the money to buy an established, quality tree and we'll put a wooden plaque with your name on it next to the tree. 

Tree sponsorships really help us out. Our orchard will be a source of produce for many years, so I'd like to thank those who have sponsored in the past as well as those who will be helping us this year. And if you don't sponsor a Salamander Springs tree, please do plant a tree where you live.

How to sponsor:
Method 1 - Send a check or money order for $25 per tree. Let us know what kind of tree (from the list above) you would like us to plant and what name you want on the board. Here's the mailing address:

                Debbie Waugh
                396 Nelson Road NW
                Milledgeville, GA 31061

Method 2 - Make a $25 donation (per tree) via the paypal button to your right. Send an email detailing which tree (from the list above) you would like us to plant and what name you want on the board. Here's the email address:

Method 3 - Call me at 4789523544 and let's work something out. Also, if you have an orphan tree you'd like to bring out for tree-planting day, feel free.

You can sponsor as many as you'd like, and thanks again to all our past, present, and future sponsors! You're also welcome to come to the farm and help us plant our February 14th trees! Thank you all for your support of our many endeavors toward sustainability and education.
                                                       Love, Debbie

Note: you may also sponsor a pecan or chestnut tree, but due to increased costs these trees will be $30.

The delectable mulberry

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