Sunday, March 11, 2012

Annual Gathering!

Greetings to All My Friends and Family!

Time for the annual gathering to celebrate planting, growing, blooming, and blossoming!  Come and camp with us April 7th and 8th and take time out to reconnect with folks you love but haven't seen for awhile.  I also would love to share the beautiful spring forest with you all as things are rapidly taking off-so many trees are already budding out, and we can almost watch the garden grow with all of the sun and rain.  You can come on Friday if you need and set up camp. 
Bring everything you would need to primitive camp-except water-we have lots of that; bring bedding, tent, headlamp, snacks, beverages, goodies-whatever will make you comfortable and happy-and then bring musical instruments for Saturday night and a prepared dish to share for the potluck.  Everybody has been so good about preparing a delicious contribution to feed everyone on Saturday night, and that is a big help since I am working with volunteers all day on Saturday in the garden.  Those who want to help--during the day on Saturday is a traditional work day for any one who wants to get his or her hands in the soil and plant some seeds. 
Please call or email me and let me know if you are coming.  That really, really helps me plan ahead.  And please let me know what you are bringing for the potluck.  That also really, really, truly helps decide what we need for the gathering.
I would love for all of you to come and see what the amazing volunteers have done.  You will be blown away by the cabin at the creek.

RSVP  478-952-3544 or

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